Planning Materials and Related Documents

(Please Note: The links below are to PDF documents. Some of them are lengthy. They may not be suitable for viewing on a tablet or other mobile device.)

Higher Education Marketing: Cutting Edge & Risk Averse
Presentation to industry leaders; Powerpoint converted to PDF; interactive slides are static

Publications Audit & Recommendations
City University of New York
School of Professional Studies

Earlham College Branding and Institutional Identity Project
Request for Proposal, sample abstract

Marketing. The Tools of the Trade. Marketing Plans
Half-Day Workshop, one in a series, Powerpoint Slides Converted to PDF

“The Elements of Social Advocacy”
Presentation & White Paper, United Nations

Organizational Assessment, New Wave Singers of Baltimore
Consultant Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Groundwork for Long-Range Planning

Overcoming Barriers Using Effective Appeals
Marketing and Planning Tools

American University Lecture Notes, Graduate Program in Arts Management
“It’s a Lot Like Herding Cats – or – How To Sell a Leap in the Dark;” first in a series

Chorus America National Conference, “Building Big Audiences Without Big Bucks”
Half-Day Workshop Presentation, Powerpoint Slides Converted to PDF