What People Are Saying

Supervisor Evaluations

“Mark has had a very busy, very productive year in a new role. Mark agreed to step into the role of Associate VP when we knew some major reorganization under the new president would occur. Mark has put his nose to the grindstone in pursuing his own work and in managing his team, all the time knowing that it was uncertain what next year will bring. Mark has been a visible and effective leader of his team. They all enjoy working for him and seem to work well together, not just as individuals.

“Mark has been adept at shifting resources to get projects done. He has been especially effective in working on the continuing project of the web redesign and has helped to instill broader ownership of the enterprise than existed in previous years. He remains the College’s single best innovator in adapting to new opportunities, including those presented by changing technology. I commend Mark for his accomplishments and leadership this past year.”

“Mark continues to be a widely respected individual who interacts with many people on and off-campus. Mark carries a high level of responsibility and he is well suited to it. Mark demonstrates a strong ability to balance priorities and manage many different tasks. He is a quick study and his intellectual curiosity is fueled by (and fuels) the many new initiatives we have developed this year. Mark is our initiator — the one most likely to decide that we need to know how something works and figure it out; this is a very important role especially where technology is concerned. Besides enjoying Mark’s pleasant personality, I trust his judgment and rely on him as a sounding board for many discussions of new strategies and directions for this office.”

“Mark demonstrates a strong ability to balance priorities and manage many different tasks. Part of the reason for his success is his ability to delegate work and coach others. I enjoy his collaborative approach and look forward to many more great achievements next year.”

“Mark has made a quick transition from newcomer to trusted professional. It is evident that [the president of the College] trusts his opinion and judgment. Mark is flexible and maintains a positive attitude in the midst of change, important traits to have in a field in which priorities are constantly changing from day to day. His ability to delegate helps him stay on top of his many responsibilities and to achieve a high level of productivity. Mark demonstrates a genuine interest in the work of others and in the individuals, themselves. Within our office, he takes a particular interest in developing the skills of his student assistants and encouraging their development within our field.”

Workshop, Class or Lecture Participants

“I like the concept of “thinking small” when targeting marketing plans. A helpful new way to think.”

“Mark: this was the fastest four hours I have spent in a long time.”

“Mark’s examples, interspersed with the broad ideas made for a brilliant and useful lecture.”

“Mark is always entertaining. A great sense of humor.”

“The workshop was very well organized and had excellent, appropriate subject matter.”

“The real life situations that Mr. Blackmon shared helped me to remember there is little time to capture your audience’s attention.”

“I loved Mark’s description of a direct mail campaign, ‘Why Are You Mailing That?'”

“Great speaker. He offered useful information re: mailing, timing, segmentation, and staying on message.”

“He follows his own rules: clear, concise, consistent.”